Introducing Animal Sounds

Your child is making these sounds as part of their natural development! Take advantage of it!

First off, tell me something cuter than a baby making an animal sound?

Second, animal sounds are silly, fun, motivating, and are usually paired with an exciting picture of an animal! That picture has eyes, a nose, and a mouth like a human but isn’t a human.. hmmm.. So naturally, babies are drawn to animals!

Fun and new = Increased interest and longer engagement. WIN!

Here’s Why I Always Introduce Animal Sounds Early

  • Animal sounds usually have the most basic word structure. They are a single vowel sound or they start with a consonant and end with a single vowel. Ooo ooo aaa aaa, moo, baa, neigh.. See?

  • Did you know P, B, M, N, T, and D are typically the first consonant sounds babies can make? Surprise surprise! Most animal sounds start with those most early developed sounds! (Peep, Moo, Meow, Baa, Bock, Neigh, Tweet)

Your child is making these sounds as part of their natural development! Take advantage of it and help them to make those sounds meaningful by turning those babbles into animal sounds!

To start introducing animal sounds, use a sound they already know how to make. If your child is saying aaaa, start turning that into baaaa! Show them the picture of the animal and say it over and over. Don’t forget.. shhhh… give your baby a chance to try it too!

My favorite ways to introduce animals are

using figurines, wood puzzles and books

Here's some of my favorites!

Books: Touch and Feel are always preferred. The sensory component results in increased interest and engagement!

Noisy Baby Animals

Touch and Feel Baby Animals

That's Not My Lion

That's Not My Puppy

That's Not My Goat

Or any book in the "That's Not My..." series!

Puzzles: I love wood puzzles and large knob puzzles. These are great for little hands that haven't yet mastered a pincer grasp! They're also great for little one's who have to put everything in their mouth! Early Learner Jumbo Knob Puzzle

Large Knob Farm Puzzle

Farm Chunky Puzzle

Chunky Safari Puzzle

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