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Meet Thea

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I’m first and foremost a mom. But I’m also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, an aunt, and sister to six younger siblings. My purpose is teaching parents how to best give their children the support and structure they need, with the scientific background of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and compassion of a mom, so they can begin to maximize their child’s cognitive and behavioral development at every stage.


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Utilizing research-based strategies, make your home a happy, learning and fun environment for yourself and your child. Let's get you on your way to happy days and restful nights today.

“After over two months of fighting our baby to sleep for every single nap and bedtime, my husband and I were not in a great place as parents. We were frustrated and exhausted and not enjoying our daughter like we always imagined we would. Right when I was about to throw in the towel and ask for my job back and put my daughter into daycare just so I could have some time in the day to not hear her crying, Thea came to our rescue. We committed to her plan and after only three days, our baby that had to be held and intensely rocked and bounced to fall asleep, and then would wake the second she was put down, was now falling asleep in here crib on here own within 15 minutes every single bedtime and nap. Thea made both of us fall in love with being parents again and allowed us to finally get back to a place where we could enjoy our baby and actually look forward to nap and bedtime. Thea’s expertise, knowledge, guidance and encouragement throughout the entire process was invaluable to our family!”


-Elyse Bielser, Greer’s Mom


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